Summer of mindfulness in Croatia

The blue sky over the blue Adriatic as seen in Peroj

A lot of things have changed since the lockdown started. Travelling ground to a halt. We got used to being at home more. We found happiness in exploring places close to our home and, as the lockdown eased, around Essex. I used this time to practice my photography. The husband used this time to overhaul the Beast.

As always, there were downsides. Many people lost their jobs, both of us included. The husband is the lucky one, skilful with his hands, a grease monkey who can take apart and put together almost anything. He found a new job in a week’s time. Me? I am still looking, but after sending so many applications and not getting any response, it is very hard to keep positive. The situation is also affecting my productivity; I have almost no will to write or create anymore and I have trouble focusing when trying to read. This is where the summer of mindfulness idea came from.

The original plan was to go to Croatia end of July for 2 weeks for my sister’s wedding. Due to his job, the husband will have to keep to the original dates. However, I have no restrictions 😀 I decided to take a positive spin on a pretty depressing situation and bought a one way ticket for end of this week for only £10! Being unemployed during summer is the best time for it when your homeland is Croatia, probably the most desirable holiday spot in the last couple of years ❤

I will use this time to recharge my batteries, spend some quality time with my family, my friends and my dog and hopefully have more luck with the job search. Once the husband joins me, we will most likely do a short break on the Adriatic coast (Covid 19 permitting).

This means you have a few Croatia posts to look forward to, along with the rest of Morocco and posts on places to visit in Essex.

How are you caring for your mental health in these pandemic days? Leave a comment below and, who knows, you might help out other readers who are struggling at the moment 🙂

I leave you with a picture of my small hometown that I took a few years back and a wish you are all doing well. ❤

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