Mate we’re lost listed on 100 Couple Travel Blogs in 2020!

World map with an old camera. Travel stickers applied to the top

This is just a quick update I’d like to share while I am working on new blog posts. I really am working on them, honest…

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I would love to share some good news with you. Our blog has been listed in the 100 Couple Travel Blogs, Websites and Influencers in 2020! I thought the blog was way too small for a list like this, especially with some of the others having tens of thousands of followers!

We really approcciate all of your reading and liking and are hoping some comments will appear soon 😀

Check the list out here and see if you can find some other blogs you find interesting.

Another information you might find interesting – I have become a Shutterstock contributor and am slowly building my portfolio of photos (currently I have only 23). Most of the travel photos from the blog and some that haven’t made the cut will be there available full size.

To check out my portfolio click here. You can also use it to sign up and access millions of photos.

I am also working on an article for a fellow Essex travel blogger, but more on that soon. Told you I was super busy!

What can you expect from posts in the comings months? A few more Morocco posts, a whole load of posts on my colourful Croatia and some Motorcycle journals entries.

Let me know which posts are you looking forward to most.

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