Halloween special!!

Tree petrified oak trees in Mundon. They look like three people standing in a circle, talking

Omg I can’t believe it is already October! I can hang up all the bats and put out pumpkins and skulls without getting weird looks from the husband ^^

We have been quite static in the last few weeks. We went for a ride out on the village roads of Essex, but nothing more than that. We did not pop down to the coast nor did we get lost in some random forest.

The pandemic is still governing our lives more or less and it is straining our financial situation. Applying for about 10 – 15 jobs a week for 6 weeks now and still not one, single call back. I have turned into a hermit spending my days working on social media for my Etsy shop and this blog.

One of my goals for this summer was to have a travel post published on another site or blog. Well, at least I achieved one of the goals set, even if summer is over! I joined forces with a fellow Essex explorer and I am happy to say my post on petrified oaks and witch hunt is now live. I have briefly mentioned the petrified oaks in my post on day trips around Essex earlier this summer. There are a few more posts on Essex somewhere in the back of my head…

If you want to read up more on these freaky looking trees in the small village of Mundon and find out why Essex is labelled as “The Witch County”, check out my post on Essex Explored.

Have you ever seen a petrified tree?

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