Adventure travel in Croatia – a pipe dream or reality?

Panoramic shot of kiteboarders on river Neretva. The kites are contrasted against the clear blue sky.

Another summer, another trip to Croatia. Don’t get too angry about it, we are always visiting family which is never a holiday or relaxing. But we do manage to squeeze in some short trips or some exploration to make every trip a little bit different.

Last year and this year it was discovering a new trend taking over the Croatian coast – kiteboarding.

Before you get all excited, no, we didn’t try it. With my screwed up knee that gives me issues even on short hikes to the husband’s sheer reluctance to do sports of any kind (he’s skinny AF anyways) this just seems like too much hassle. I might try it out once but that would need prior planning. It’s not really a spur of the moment thing when you’re in one place for only a few days.

For now, we were happy sitting in a beach bar, sipping on an ice cold pint and watching surfers do tricks on their boards.

According to several sites, there are about 7 locations on the Croatian coast perfect for kiteboarding with daily winds and kiteboarding lessons. We visited two, both on the south coast.

Ušće Neretve – Neretva Delta

Ušće Neretve could be one of the most famous kiteboarding spots in Croatia. The water is warm, shallow and there are constant winds.

We visited for the first time last year, one evening during the sunset hours. My little sister (if you follow me on Instagram, it’s the one who got married this July) lives in nearby Metković and visits the delta often.

This year, it was the husband, my dad and I spending more time enjoying the breeze on a 38°C heat (in the shade). Yep, it gets really hot here in summer.

There were beginners and professionals alike, the former ones being further away from the beach learning by trial and error and latter ones doing trick jumps in front of a gathering audience at the beach bar.

The river is really shallow, up to your ankles and then maybe half way up the calf. To get to any depth you’d have to walk really far out or choose a different beach. Unlike most of Croatian beaches, all the ones here are sand beaches.

Viganj, Pelješac

Probably the next most popular place is on the peninsula Pelješac, in a small village called Viganj.

Unlike Neretva, here the kiteboarders practice in the sea, in deep waters. The winds are still strong and frequent as it is a narrow stretch of sea between Pelješac and island of Korčula. The beach here is pebbly, but the sea is crystal clear.

This is not the best spot for beginners who are not taking classes anymore as winds and water currents get pretty strong and can pull you deeper into the channel. There is a safety boat but Neretva is a much safer option for beginners.

That being said, there are kiteboarding lessons offered in Viganj (and on Neretva)

You can check out more on kiteboarding locations in Croatia here.

Croatia is increasingly becoming popular for adventurous travel and not just exploring culture, history and Game of Thrones sets. Kiteboarding might be a new thing but white water rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining, rock climbing etc are already well known extreme sports you can try out while visiting my homeland.

What I’m trying to say is, there is a lot more than meets the eye when looking to book your trip to Croatia. You can spend a whole summer here going up and down the coast and there would still be more to see.

Would you ever try kiteboarding? Or have you already done it?? Let us know below in the comments.

Before you leave, check out this fab sunset over Neretva!

2 thoughts on “Adventure travel in Croatia – a pipe dream or reality?

  1. I’ve never tried it but have the mind set of never say never. On the south coast of Blighty there is a huge upsurge in SUP’s which also looks fun (and more sedate). Is Neretva like an estuary?
    Another nice read btw👏

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    1. Yeah, I know about the SUPs down south, loads of people around Essex are doing them on the rivers. I tried SUPs in Croatia last year with my baby sister. It’s something I am thinking about doing when back in UK as it is a good weekend thing.

      Neretva is a big river flowing all the way from BiH. Where it meets the sea is actually a delta rather than an estuary. In Croatian there is a difference between these two terms, although it’s not massive. Both are places where a river flows into the sea, but there’s a difference in how it look from the air if that makes sense 😀

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