Meet the couple behind the wheel

Photo of the couple behind Mate we're lost taken on a nice day with clear blue sky
Last days of summer spent on the roads of Essex.

I am a Croat living in England, married to an Englishman. As most people nowadays, we too suffer from wanderlust and love visiting different places, being “at home” or abroad.

Recently we got ourselves a little mascot that started travelling with us, a small amigurumi horse named Jimi so don’t be confused when you see him posing in different places.

I am aware this is another one in the sea of travelling blogs you can find in the vastness of internet. What makes this blog different? I am so glad you asked!

All of our trips are paid by us which means they are budget friendly and not sponsored by anyone. There are a few exceptions, a few work trips I took while working in the travel industry. If this is the case, it is mentioned in the post.

I will tell you all about the trip as it happened, all the good things and bad things, all the ups and downs.

There are no restaurants or hotels mentioned. As I said, the trips are not sponsored by anyone. If I mention a shop or something similar, it means we really think it is a good place to visit/good value for money.

Black and white photo of us, legs only, waiting at Ljubljana airport
Waiting for our plane at the Jože Pučnik airport in Ljubljana.

In travel be as unofficial as possible. Evidence of the dangers of official travel is everywhere. Nothing in the world is more misleading than the sponsored visit, the press junket, the press pool, the pool feed, the fact-finding mission, self-importance, and greed that impel the official visitor to accept the auspices and lap up the lies. The whole point of the red carpet is to dazzle the visitor and obscure the truth.

Paul Theroux – Figures in a Landscape

You will probably notice I use a “I” a lot even though this is a blog about a couple travelling. It is not an egomaniac approach, it is just that I write all the posts and take 90% of the photos 😀 The husband is a pretty face and sometimes a reluctant photographer.

We hope you enjoy the blog. If you are travelling anywhere we went and have some question, feel free to contact us. Same goes if you have any feedback.

***all the photos on this blog are my own unless stated otherwise. Some of the photos are available for purchase on Shutterstock in their full size. You can check out the portfolio and sign up by clicking here.***

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