Armchair travel – Morocco

A cheap Black Friday deal on plane tickets took us on a week long trip to our first Arab country. We were out of our comfort zone in a country where we didn’t speak or even slightly understand the language. Challenge accepted!

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Armchair Travel – Romania

Enjoying a nargila in the centre of Bucharest

Severely underrated, Romania took us by surprise. The days we spent exploring the towns an nature, evenings we spent in nargila bars, keeping warm.

Read on and find out what there is to see in Romania.

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Armchair Travel – Poland

The beautiful Wawel cathedral. It is located in the centre of Wavel Castle, the first UNESCO World Heritage location in the world!

You want to know the most popular vodka in Poland? Or are you more interested in the nature of the country?
Read on o find out some pretty interesting facts about this central European country. Oh, and see some winter travel photos too 😀

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Armchair Travel – Sicily

the view of the imposing Palermo cathedral.

From Greek ruins and Godfather shooting locations to active volcanoes and some of the best food in Europe.

Will Sicily be your first post Covid trip?

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Armchair Travel – Cuba

Landscape view of a tobacco farm. The tobacco leaves are drying on the roof of the little hut.

Almost four years have passed and yet, as soon as we hear the opening tunes of Buena Vista Social Club’s Chan Chan, we are automatically transferred to this Caribbean island.

Picking the photos and facts for this post was a real pleasure and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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