Armchair Travel – Cuba

Landscape view of a tobacco farm. The tobacco leaves are drying on the roof of the little hut.

Almost four years have passed and yet, as soon as we hear the opening tunes of Buena Vista Social Club’s Chan Chan, we are automatically transferred to this Caribbean island.

Picking the photos and facts for this post was a real pleasure and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Last stop, Viñales Valley

Posing in front of Murel de Prehistoria in Vinales Valley with my Comandante hat and an old Yugoslavian gas mask bag.

You know when life just tries to stamp all over you so you have no time for anything. Well that happened to me this month so the last destination I have for Cuba is only being posted today. I did not think it would take me this long to write about these five different parts […]

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Horseback riding through the rural areas of Trinidad

A picture of my husband riding a horse taken from horseback. The ears and part of my horses neck are visible.

We saw palm trees surrounding small houses with colourful facades slowly fading in the Caribbean sun, animals running through the yards and streets and old buildings that are being taken over by the nature around it

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