Undiscovered corners of Croatia – Pelješac

Do you dream of a summer holiday where you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is get out of bed and go throw yourself in the crystal clear sea? Pelješac is one of those places on Earth where this dream is a reality. And you won’t have to share it with thousands of other tourists.

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The wonders of continental Croatia

A field of hay stacks under a stormy sky taken from a moving car

There is more to Croatia than just the gorgeous coast with clear sea and old Roman ruins. How to get off the beaten path and explore the wonders and hidden gems of continental Croatia? Start here

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The streets of King’s Landing, Dubrovnik – should you visit?

Photo of Dubrovnik dock and fortification walls taken from a boat.

As if it wasn’t quite popular before, this gem of the Adriatic got even bigger after Weiss and Benioff made it King’s Landing for the massive HBO hit that is Game of Thrones. Everyone wanted to walk the walls and gardens where so many plots were concocted and so many people sentenced to die (Valar Morghulis).

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Winter Wonderland at Plitvice Lakes

Aerial view of the foaming water passing through natural obstacles making the famous waterfalls.

We had only been out of the car for about 20 minutes and I was already so grateful for my big, soft scarf. The winding path led downwards, rays of sunlight pushing through the bare branches leaving shadows playing under our feet. At the bottom, the path continued next to clear turquoise water leading us to the picture point under Veliki Slap.

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