The Labyrinth of Fes – How to navigate your way through the medina

A donkey carrying gas bottles on its back, passing through one of the main souk streets of Fes.

Evening had crept up on us and before we knew it, the sun was gone and darkness settled over the city. At a certain point I started panicking. Lights were playing on the walls, leaving the imagination to make shapes out of shadows. The streets looked deserted apart from clusters of men sitting on stairs and smoking.

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The heart of Marrakech, the centre of mayhem – the medina

Marrakech is rightly called the Red City.

One thing I really enjoyed was sitting on a roof terrace of one of the bars/restaurants at the square and watching the world go by, seeing little groups of people eagerly drinking in the stories told, seeing a group dancing to the rhythm of the drums or just catching a person miles away from the mayhem, deep in thought.

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Morocco – my ultimate planning guide – start planning

To properly enjoy the intricate design of Moroccan tiles, you must see them both from afar and from up close.

Morocco was our first flirt with Arabic countries and the first country on the African continent that we ever visited. There are loads of posts and guides out there to help you prepare yourself for what is coming, but I do not think words can ever prepare you for something so different from any European […]

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