Summer of mindfulness in Croatia

The blue sky over the blue Adriatic as seen in Peroj

Being unemployed during summer is the best time for it when your homeland is Croatia, probably the most desirable holiday spot in the last couple of years.

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Quick update – time to celebrate!

Even small victories should be celebrated

No, the pandemic is not over yet. We are still in lockdown and told to stay home and save lives. But as I mentioned in my last post, we should enjoy the little things. I am writing this short update to share some good news with you!

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4 ways to keep your wanderlust alive during the time of Covid-19

A Pomeranian is enjoying the cooling air that comes with the dusk during summer.

It is Easter, the 4 day weekend. We were supposed to be setting up camp by Dolgellau and hiking up to Penygader in Snowdonia. However, life had other plans. In the past month all of our lives have changed drastically and the majority of us are now in lockdown. The government is urging us to […]

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