Armchair Travel – Sicily

the view of the imposing Palermo cathedral.

From Greek ruins and Godfather shooting locations to active volcanoes and some of the best food in Europe.

Will Sicily be your first post Covid trip?

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Meet our new travelling companion!

The poppy fields in Essex are a perfect photo spot.

The other week I was idly wasting my time on Instagram. There were loads of things I planned to do but it was one of those days where I just could not be bothered to move from doing my Roman emperor impression on the sofa. While casually flicking through different travel photos, cute animals and […]

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Lost in the souks of Marrakech

Morocco is full of intricate designs which can be seen in architecture, but also in handmade goods.

In the shade of the narrow streets under wooden cover there are pashminas moving in the sight breeze, in another street you see ceramic bowls and plates with Moroccan designs, another souk over, copper and brass lamps are hanging off the doors, light shining through their intricate lattice work or stained glass.

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